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Hits Tourism Object in Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida is one of the islands near Bali which is currently on the rise. Its popularity is not only among local tourists, but also foreign tourists. This place is referred to as a paradise for water sports lovers such as snorkeling and diving. For those of you who like to vacation by enjoying the beauty of nature then this place is perfect for you to spend your vacation. Before going there, make sure you already have a plan to spend time on which attractions.

Here are some tourist objects that are visited by many tourists, both local and overseas.

  1. Atuh Cliff Nusa Pendia

Atuh Cliff is located in the village of Nusa Penida, located on the east side of Nusa Penida. This place is surrounded by hills that look green and are on a big cliff. That jam, the blue sea view can be seen from the top of the cliff. The thing that attracts this tourist spot so that it is visited by many tourists is that you can see the beauty of the Nusa Penida sea from the high cliff which is certainly an unforgettable moment.

  1. Thousand Islands Nusa Penida

Not only does Papua have the beauty of Raja Ampat, in Nusa Penida there are Tourism Destinations which are quite well-known icons among tourists as the Raja Ampat island of Bali. This tourist attraction is known by many tourists because of its beauty that can make you not bored looking at it. Thousand Island is located in Banjar Pelilit, Tanglad Village, Nusa Penida District. The main attraction of this place is the view of the hill above the sea with an amazing view and makes you amazed at the beauty of the cliff that is so high. Plus there are mounds of hills that resemble the island and are in the middle of the sea. Thousand Ibi Island is located close to the beach, so you can go to this place if you go to the beach. It would be a shame to miss right?

  1. Guyangan (Spring)

At present the Guyangan water source can deliver clean water to eight villages in Nusa Penida, namely Kutampi Village, Batu Kandik, Sekar Taji, Batu Madeg, Tanglad, Panjungutan, Klumpu, and Bunga Mekar. If you travel from entrance to eye water sway you will find quite exotic scenery. You have to go through quite a lot of stairs and are made of iron which has begun to brittle.

  1. Batu Molenteng Nusa Penida Tree House

The Molenteng tree house is one of the many tourist attractions because of this place you will see the beauty of the underwater and the beautiful panorama from above. This tree house is not too far from the beach, so if you visit the beach or you can visit this place at the same time. From the height of the tree house in Nusa Penida you can see the waves from above that look stunning and stunning. For lovers of photography, the Temple Tree House can be used as a very attractive selfie spot.

The above tourist destinations can be your reference when you decide to spend a holiday in Nusa Penida. Don’t forget to prepare your needs during the holidays so that no one is left behind. For those of you who like to do watersport this place is perfect for satisfying your hobby. So prepare all your tourism needs so that there later you don’t need to be confused to find the things you need.

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