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Nusa Penida’s Unique Attraction as a Tourist Attraction

If you are a nature lover and love the beauty of nature, then vacationing to Nusa Penida is a thing you should try. The natural beauty offered by this place will make you fall in love when visiting it. How come? This place is filled with tourist attractions with amazing views. In addition to the beaches with clean white sand, this place also offers tours that make you get to know Hinduism more closely in Bali.

Siak several tourist destinations that can be your reference when spending holidays in Nusa Penida.

  1. Giri Putri Cave

The location of Giri Putri Cave is in Suana Village, Klungkung Regency, Nusa Penida. Not just ordinary caves, but inside there are temples that are often used by the surrounding community to worship. This cave has a length of 262 meters at the same time the home of a collection of bats. The bats perch on the cave stalactites and stalagmites. Inside the cave there is also a stream of water that is believed by local residents as holy water. There are four offering points, one offering at the front of the cave, while the other three are in the cave.

  1. Angel’s Billabong

There is a coral crush which forms a longitudinal pond at the end of Angel’s Billabong which is actually an estuary. To get to Angel’s Billabong you have to go down the rock cliff which is quite steep and sharp. But all tired will pay off with the fresh turquoise water that glittered in the sun so clear. If you want to swim in this place, make sure to wait for the time to recede, because the waves are quite dangerous at high tide.

  1. Seganing Springs

To get to the seganing spring you can travel from Toyapakeh Port. But to reach the spring, there is still a heavy field that must be taken. You have to go through slippery and steep rocks for 30 minutes to reach the location. Clear water flows between the cliffs and goes straight to the ocean. In this place there are several niches that resemble pools that you can access.

  1. Pura Dalem Ped

Pura Dalem Ped or commonly called the temple penataran ped is the largest temple complex in Nusa Penida. In this place there is a temple complex that has 4 pieces, namely Segara Temple, Taman Sari Temple, Pura Ratu Dalem Gede and Penataran Agung Temple. Society when they want to do a prayer must be sequential in the four temples.

  1. Manta Point

The main attraction of this place is the sensation of swimming with manta rays, the largest type of stingrays in the world. This dive spot at Manta Point is in the Kelingking Beach area. But unfortunately the beauty of sea water at Manta Point begins to be polluted with garbage. It had been viral because some tourists diving found trash here. Even so, Manta Point remains a very interesting place to visit. You can enjoy the beauty of stunning underwater biota while swimming with stingrays.

Many other tourist destinations in Nusa Penida will be a pity if you just miss it. Of course a day won’t satisfy you enough to explore this region, staying here can be the right choice. You can book lodging at affordable prices in this place. Then, you can continue your adventure in Nusa Penida to the next day.

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