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Preparation for Holidays to Nusa Penida Bali in a Long Time

If you are tired and are taking time off to enjoy a long vacation, then you can enjoy a holiday package in Nusa Penida Bali. The beautiful panorama that is presented there makes you feel comfortable while enjoying your vacation. Even though it is in the Bali area, Nusa Penida is not as crowded as the island of Gods. Besides that, the infrastructure here is also not as good as in Bali. Therefore, if you want to spend your vacation here it’s good if you prepare everything well. Because if someone is left behind or less you will have trouble looking for it.

Here are some items that you must take when you are on vacation in Nusa Penida Bali, make sure you bring them!

  1. Money

Money is a thing that you must carry everywhere, even though you have a debit or credit card but carrying cash is also important. Especially if you are on vacation in Nusa Penida Bali, there you will find it difficult to find an ATM machine. Therefore, if you are already planning to visit a tourist attraction there, prepare enough money so that it does not run out. Apart from being used to pay for the entrance ticket and parking for the vehicle you drive, you also need to buy snacks around the beach. Young coconut, pineapple honey, seafood or special foods that are there will make the holiday atmosphere on the beach more enjoyable.

  1. Plastic Bags

Although it looks trivial, carrying a plastic bag is very necessary if you plan to play in the water there. Many interesting spots that would be a pity if you just missed it. This plastic bag can be used to separate wet bathing suits with other items so as not to wet or cause unpleasant odors for other items. In addition, this plastic bag can also be used when you feel seasick and cross from Sanur to Nusa Penida Bali. If the waves are high, it is possible to make you feel seasick.

  1. Drinks and snacks

Hot weather in Nusa Penida Bali can make the body dehydrate quickly, what’s more if you do activities all day to explore the attractions there. This can be dangerous for your body especially on the beach the sun also feels hot. Bringing your own drinks will also reduce the risk. Moreover, do not know yet in tourist attractions that will be visited there are food and beverage sellers or not. In addition, bringing snacks while on vacation makes you get food at a cheaper price and according to your taste because it is not necessarily the snacks available there according to your preferences.

  1. Dress Change

This one item is very important to carry while on vacation. Because you can’t vacation for a long time without changing clothes at all right? Especially if there you often play water, then the change of clothes is definitely needed. Even so, just bring a change of clothes so that your luggage is not too much.

Now that’s some stuff that you really have to take while on vacation. Prepare everything you need during the holidays well. As much as possible prepare everything from home because, if you have to buy necessities during the holidays there usually will be more expensive. What’s more Nusa Penida Bali is not a crowded place, only in certain places you can get the items needed.

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